We always care about Natural ingredients, where they come from and what they can do for a healthy world. That’s because natural ingredients tell you something important about a product. Something that feels good.

We see beauty in the soil, flowers, plants and the fair-trade partnerships we build that honor the human spirit and respect the Natural world.

Our formulations depend on the high quality of the Natural raw materials, but also on the care with which they were grown and processed.

We are completely transparent about the composition of our products, listing all ingredients.

We love and respect life. SO, we formulate products that nourish the skin and nurture the soul.

Our products are made in small batches that are always fresh, to ensure the best quality, Because Natural ingredients may vary in color and consistency.

We stay away from:

Harmful environmental practices.

Undesirable chemicals, e.g. petrochemicals, synthetics, fragrances, GMO’s, animal derived ingredients.

Misleading and deceitful marketing claims.

Testing on animals, and on willing human volunteers.