Core Values

1- At DEN Organic Company, there are several values that we are dedicated to deep down to our core which we organically infuse into every aspect of our company.

  • Family First: It’s always family first with DEN. This is why we are strongly dedicated to putting families first by offering the safest and healthiest, certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly products for the whole family, made from the purest certified organic ingredients. All of our products are made with love from our family to yours
  • Honesty: Everyone has the right to know and choose what’s in their personal care and cleaning products. This is why we are strongly committed to being 100% honest about everything we do. We are very proud to boast about the safe, healthy and pure certified organic ingredients that we use to handcraft all of our products. You and your family can rest assured using our certified organic product lines, knowing that they are the safest and healthiest products available because they are honestly organic and we have the certification to prove it. As they say, honesty is the best policy.
  • Environmentally Friendly: We love our Mother Earth and we understand the importance of preserving our environment and our natural resources.  This is why we strictly support certified organic, renewable, sustainable, eco-friendly practices, and we always ensure that all of our suppliers support these practices as well. At DEN, we strive to ensure we’re always doing our part to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, which is one of the many reasons why all of our packaging is environmentally friendly and recyclable.
  • Innovation: DEN is dedicated to being a leading innovative producer, manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler and retailer of the safest and healthiest, certified organic products for the whole family. This is why we continuously work on product development and creating new and exciting certified organic product lines. We are constantly conducting new research into the infinite health benefits of using different organic ingredients in personal care and cleaning products, and we are always keeping up with the latest news in the organic industry, to ensure that our revolutionary certified organic products are always raising the bar in the organic game.

2- We take pride in honest, open, responsive and fair dealings with each other, our customers and our retail, distributor, broker and supplier partners.

We build trust and respect by keeping our promises and listening to each other, our customers and our industry partners.

We continually strive to reduce our footprint … by using ingredients from renewable resources and sustainable manufacturing practices that honor the earth and our community. We work with supplier partners who share consistent values. We strongly believe in the importance of making socially responsible choices at both the local and global level. After all, good planets are hard to come by.

3- Manufacture quality products

Support organic ingredients

Support environmental causes

Be an asset to our community